Ercole and cars. The difference is in the detail
Ercole was born into an artistic family. In 1915, following the premature death of his father, he was called upon to give expression to all that he had been taught and all that he had learnt. For the previous 10 years he had in fact been the factory’s technical manager.
What for some people is only a passing fad for others becomes a way of life. Orders for cars continued to grow and the via della Chiusa factory was by now insufficient.
Ercole decided to move business to a new specially-built factory whose layout facilitated all phases of the production process and could accommodate the amount of workers now required to meet worldwide demand.
The “Carrozzeria Castagna & C.” adorn the best chassis, above all exceptional ones such as Isotta Fraschini, Mercedes-Benz, Hispano Suiza, Daimler, Lancia, Duesenberg and Alfa Romeo, transforming them into bywords for comfort.
The whole world appreciated the style of the Milanese coachbuilder and his “dream factory”.
The models displayed for the first time in New York in the rooms of the Hotel Commodore became famous, as did the “Prince of Wales” saloon on an Isotta Fraschini chassis (purchased by the newspaper magnate William Rundolph Hearst), and the “Commodore” roadster on an Isotta Fraschini and Mercedes Benz chassis.
Castagna was always on the job, first to arrive in the morning and last out in the evening.
Convinced that the difference lay in the detail and in the quality of assembly and finishing, he carefully inspected every vehicle before it was shipped or delivered to the customer.