Italian dreams
Participation in the International Motor Show in Geneva in 2003 marked the beginning of a new phase for the born again Castagna coachbuilder’s shop.
The possibility of producing “fuoriserie” cars — an all-Italian legend which forged the history of Italian coachbuilding and established its absolute primacy in the world — has thus been revived.

The need to distinguish our products from those of the many competitors who speak of “fuoriserie” or individual cars has led us to design three vehicles that represent the best of current sports car production and the maximum in Italian historical brands.
Here, then, are the three coachbuilding proposals which aim to combine original lines and attention for proportions with the stylistic features typical of the brand:

- 4 seater “fuoriserie” Auge Coupé on Maserati mechanics
- 2 seater “fuoriserie” Coupé Ginevra on Alfa Romeo mechanics;
- 2 seater “fuoriserie” Rossellini Barchetta on Ferrari mechanics;

We need to insist on the word “fuoriserie” (or custom-built) to make it perfectly clear that these vehicles have been designed and produced to satisfy the needs of a specific “customer”, i.e. the private collector, who, assisted by our style centre, wishes to bring to fruition his or her own idea of what a car should be.
As in the past, often the new style may not coincide perfectly with the official design proposed by the company, but may unravel, rather, an alternative approach which is the fruit of an identical level of passion for the brand combined with a different way of conducting the search for form.