Ask us for something unique in the world … something where NO TWO ARE ALIKE.
This was the slogan we used for advertisements in “Vanity Fair” and “The New Yorker” in the 1930s. Although sometimes similar, no custom-built Castagna was identical to another, and in satisfying the demands of the customer each vehicle always embodied the latter’s distinct personality and tastes.

Every day we transform the most original requests into unique projects. Today, as in the past, a team of designers and craftsmen led by the architect Gioacchino Acampora makes a list of the customer’s wishes, sifts through them and brings them to fruition by creating the car desired.

Every detail is agreed upon with the customer and previously unseen propositions can be made real. The more you ask of us, the more unique and unlike any other your car will be.

Happy “No two alike!” to everyone!!!