Dream factory
Following a visit to the via Montevideo plant in 1932, a famous journalist defined Castagna as “the dream factory”. This appellative caught on quickly and spread rapidly throughout Milan as a term that encapsulated a factory from which splendid creations glittering with rich chrome plating left every day either on test runs or for delivery to the customer.

With over 600 workers and a premises of 42,000 m2, in that period Castagna was the most important and famous coachbuilder in Italy and the only one invited to take part in international events (such as the motor show in the Commodore Hotel in New York) and the only Italian authorised to bedeck Mercedes-Benz, Dusenberg, Cord, Graham-Paige and Bugatti chassis.

Today the new Show Room in via Beroldo is fully operative. Its three storeys house the style centre, the display room, where the cars are shown in real life and, on the top floor, a virtual room where it is possible to visualise pre-construction projects by means of full-scale holographic projections on a 3 m high and 7 m long screen.