500 ways to be 500
FIAT 500: an Italian legend is reborn. Not just a legend, however, but a real car, a solid vehicle that allows just about anything, with engine sizes and the right accessories for all our customers. This is our new “calling card”, one on which we shall invent anything and everything and for which all our staff are prepared to go to wild extremes, from a simple “touch up” of externals or interiors with Light Tuning to complete overhauls with our Coachbuilding and One-Off options.

“Cinquino”, Giardinetta, with the CORSA Passion Kit for those seeking strong emotions or the ECO Passion Kit ECO for those seeking pleasure in being “green”, beginning from their favourite city car. It’s been back only a year, but already it has captured everybody’s heart. And we’ve already thought up 500 different ones!

Are you a lover of the 500? Come and speak to us about it. Something unique and beautiful will definitely come out of our meeting. Try this the new “easy” way to discover Castagna.