Celebrating 160 years
1849, via della Chiusa. 2009, via Beroldo. From carriages to carbon fibre custom-built vehicles, from master cabinet makers to a completely virtual process with holographic projections, everything has changed, barring the spirit and philosophy for which the Castagna Atelier has always stood out.

To celebrate this significant anniversary, we have hatched a number of important initiatives that will allow us to discover previously unseen modern and period cars, as well as fragments of the history of coachbuilding and documents never before available.

A test of the vitality, ability and vision of our team will be the many versions on the FIAT 500 chassis henceforth on offer, rather like what happens in the seasons of the fashion industry. You are therefore invited to view our special issue dedicated to creations on the FIAT 500 chassis for the summer of 2009. Happy sunbathing!