Tender2 Jolly inspired
Coahbuilding on Fiat 500 Coupé chassis

The Tender2 is a new kind of "spiaggietta", haing only two places with a large rear cargo compartment in teak. Up to this day it is the first plein air version of the Fiat 500 and the first car with fully electric propulsion in this class to have a technical solution that can push up to 130 km / h (autolimited speed), a range of 120/140 km (depending on the type of use) and times of extremely rapid recharge: 4 hours to reach 80% charge with the home implant (10A).
A special digital instrument placed on the dashboard above the central air vents give all the information (power output, instant consumption, retention of office gear…) and the absence of the classic terminal exhaust are the only clues to reveal the new mechanisation of this example, which in terms of performance on the road does not make us regret those which are equipped with the combustion engine, especially in departure from still. Like the all fuoriserie Castagna, every detail is done from the customer’s description and the car is then regularly approved. The interior is completely covered in leather-type watercraft (able to resist abrasion of salt water and sand) with contrast stitching in which are inspired by the special blue tone fabric made from waterproof for the awning. The new line is enriched by finishing in solid teak, which is used in glossy and matte contrast, in dark wicker plus the "tientibene" in polished steel and many special nautical derivations giving a typical "marine style " to the whole. At the center of the rear cockpit, in teak striped in black, a room that can accommodate a drawer for towels by the sea was obtained. Complete the on-board equipment awning’s  foldable steel structure, side guards in transparent material for rainy days as well as the necessary cover for the winter period and the charging cable with the different types of plugs to access any type of socket.