In the past, every coachbuilder had a special place to receive the customer with the courtesy and calm required and to discuss with due concentration all the issues to be dealt with over the course of the project. Our three-storey building can be easily reached, located as it is in the heart of Milan.

On the ground floor lies a display room, where we view the customer’s car during the various phases of production, as well as a library containing over 500 volumes on cars and coachbuilding, which we use both to trace the vehicle’s development and to find historical comparisons and inspiration.
The first floor has a virtual 3D room equipped with a 6.5 m long panoramic screen on which any product or environment can be created using full-scale stereoscopic images to ensure life-like presentations.
Finally, the top floor is given over to our Style Centre, the real core of our system, where we study the design and engineering options most suitable for achieving your dreams.